Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why is Obama still in Office?

Two headlines - With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production and

This is another typical case where Obams choses to lie then uses his lies to get some political "bounce".

Let's look at the truth behind these two articles. Obama cut off oil drinning in US Coastal waters entriely and has awarded 2 oil drilling permits since 2008. The flow of oil from well in the US is at the lowest point in 15 years. Yet Obama claims 2010 had "the highest production rate in history." That's a twisted version of the truth. The refineries in California and along the Gulf Coast had a boom year. Does it make sense that the flow of oil is lower by 32% but the number of barrels refined is up by 12%? In fact that is forign oil imported in this country.

Importing oil rather than drilling and pumping our own does two thing - increases inflation and loses jobs. But Obama wants to keep inflation down and has spent $1 Trillion dollars creating "shovel ready jobs" for Americans. That's the reason the jobless rate remains high, appearantly.

Now we come to the southern border with Mexico. It's so nice that Obama wants to make light of the problems there even suggestign a mote with aligators. But that doesn't solve the problem. Two years ago, Obama cut fund by $300 Billions for the Border Patrol and cut 3000 agents. Now he's trying to tell us that the border is secure because he's increased spending on the Border Paterol by $23 Millions. Sorry dumb ass... that's still a huge net loss.

And how can he justify sayign the border is secure? His crony, Janet Napolino, juggless the figures and demands agents send mexicans back across the border rather than arrest them. Wow! The number of arrests on the border is way down. It must be secure.

But what happens to those turned back to Mexico? An hour later they cross the border somewhere else. Home Land Security is a JOKE and Janet Napolino should be tired for crimes against the citizens of this country. But then, is the fault really hers? After all she is no more qualified to sit in pubicl office than Obama, who doesnt' even know how many US states there are.

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